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St Arnold’s

St Arnold is known as the patron saint of brewers and hop pickers. Often depicted holding a mashing rake, many of the miracles attributed to St Arnold involved him encouraging people to drink beer, due to its ‘gift of health’. Certainly during his time as The Abbot of St Peter’s monastery in Oudenburg, beer would have been far safer to drink than water, due to the boiling of the water during the beer-making process. It seemed natural then, that a Mission and chaplaincy project working primarily in breweries, public houses and licensed premises should bear the name of that revered Abbot.
Over the next year, we are expecting the work of the St Arnold’s project to continue to grow in our city. We already partner with several businesses based around the North Parade area of the city, to run a number of events such as ‘Beer and Hymns’ and ‘Film and Faith’. There are also regular chaplaincy sessions on Monday evenings and Friday mornings amongst the bars on North Parade, where bar staff and …
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Allerton Friday Fellowship

In March last year, we started a conversation with the young people at Allerton about whether they wanted a chance to meet up together during the week, and what sort of group they might like.
They had a think and came up with some suggestions, and so in June we launched the ‘First Friday Fellowship’, a group which meets monthly on the first Friday evening of the month. We had a month off in August, but otherwise have met every month since.

The young people come together for a mixture of food, fellowship, fun and games and faith conversations. The young people involved are regular attenders and there is a good atmosphere amongst the group. As we go into the new year, we are looking at different activities to get involved with, including encouraging links with other groups in the local area and across the circuit.

If you have any young people in your churches, who might like to get involved, in either this group or the Thursday evening group at St Andrew’s, please get in touch.

Laura T, …

Asian Christmas Party

The Asian Christian community arranged a Christmas party on 9th December at Ebenezer Methodist Church, Dudley Hill. This party was attended by people of different backgrounds, including Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs. Christmas carols were sung and a message was given regarding Jesus’ birth. Also we prayed for world peace at this time of the year.

Saleem thanked everyone for attending the party, also gifts were given to the people who work within the community. Pastor Joel organised a raffle and Aneeq M and Arsala A organised gifts for all the children.

Asian food was also served which was enjoyed by everyone. This programme was covered by Asian TV media. The whole purpose of this party was to promote peace and unity.

Foot note:-
On 17th December, there was a terrorist attack on a Christian church in Quetta, Pakistan, during a special Christmas carol service. More than 400 people were present in the church at the time. Firstly, there were some gun shots. One man killed himself with a suicid…

Trinity Methodist Watchnight Service

Trinity Methodist Church on Lilycroft Road, Bradford held their annual Watchnight service at 11.30 on New Year’s Eve, led by Rev. Albert Gayle, minister of the Church.

These services (as in past years) are of an ecumenical nature and we are able to welcome folks from other local churches in the area and not purely from the Methodist persuasion.

Following the service, fireworks and refreshments were enjoyed by all. A lovely way to celebrate both the end of the old and the beginning of the new year.

Ian B Trinity 

Christmas Wreaths at Aldersgate

The practice of attaching a wreath of evergreens to the outside of the front door is an indication of welcome during the festive season. The Christmas theme for 2017 at Aldersgate was ‘Christmas Wreaths’ and the church was decorated with over 50 Christmas wreaths.

The wreaths had been made by church members, groups within the church, organisations who hire the premises, the local Hill Top Primary School, Messy Church and the Brigade. Whilst some wreaths were made with evergreens, others showed wonderful creativity, with dog biscuits, paper craft, brussels sprouts, baubles, Christmas crackers, feather boa and knitting. The originality was amazing, and the decorated walls were a wonderful sight, saying: “Welcome - let’s celebrate Christmas”.

We already have the theme for 2018. You will learn more nearer the time and please come along during Advent 2018 to see the display.

Jenny H Aldersgate

Life for Christians in Iraq

I have spent the last three years in Iraq, working with Christians in that war-torn country. Some of that time was spent with Father Aram, a priest in the Catholic Chaldean Church. He guided me round the Christian communities, particularly on the Nineveh plain about 30 miles north of Mosul. Aram introduced me to many beautiful Christians, including Yusuf, an orphaned boy, five years old.

Yusuf’s parents were killed when ISIS (the so-called Islamic State) invaded Iraq in June 2014 and captured his home, the Christian town of Batnaya. Yusuf was taken byneighbours to the relative safety of nearby Kurdistan, northern Iraq. In all the towns and cities captured by ISIS, Christians were given three options: convert to Islam; pay jizya, a “protection tax,” or be killed.

Although Batnaya was liberated from ISIS in 2016, only a few Christians have returned. It is nothing but a ghost town empty and derelict.  Father Aram drove me through the town. We saw buildings – homes, shops, workplaces - red…

Asians share the spirit of Christmas

On Christmas day, we went to the Khidmat Centre in Spencer Road, where several groups had joined together to give gifts to homeless people and to provide Christmas dinner for the elderly. 

Present at the event were: Rafiq Sehgal ( Ex-President of Bradford Council for Mosques, and currently, Chairman of Bradford Independent Advisory Group, which advises the Police); Amjad Bashir (Member of the European Parliament for Yorkshire and the Humber)), and the Lord Mayor of Bradford, Cllr Abid Hussian. This was a very uplifting occasion, and we have added a few photographs.

Saleem & Joyce D, St Andrew’s