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Tong Park Viaduct

Tong Park Viaduct by Roy Lorrain-Smith
Tong Park Viaduct carries the Guiseley to Baildon railway line, and is visible from the lower end of Hollins Hill behind the Tong Park industrial estate (though this view is from the other side). The line opened in 1876. Peter Kerr (husband of the Ruth) has just written a booklet on the line to mark the launch of Friends of Baildon Station in collaboration with John Anderson. As Peter notes, engineering experts came from all over the world to see this remarkable engineering achievement, with its cuttings, tunnels and viaducts.
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Lullaby Africa – bringing life back to people

Depression, war, rape and aggression have stifled the natural bonds between parents and children in Kenya and Uganda. Mothers neither sing nor play with their children. Children are silent and unaffectionate.

Lullaby Africa uses qualified play therapists and professionals, who work with children to help parents and carers regrow that attachment, so that homes are full of noise, laughter and love.

Lullaby Africa helps traumatised and disadvantaged mothers, fathers and carers in Kenya and Uganda to bond and form a healthy, natural attachment with their babies and toddlers.

It is a Christian charity, at present working with local community leaders in nine slums around Kisumu, Kenya, and Kisoro in Uganda.

The work is bearing fruit in hundreds of lives, but many more communities are still silent. Lullabies and the workshops that Lullaby Africa delivers are a route into those communities. But they need our help.

The charity grows love through songs. At the workshops, mothers and carers lear…

Remembering Shanti Nagar, Pakistan

On 5 February, St Andrew's hosted a service to honour the memory of those killed when Shanti Nagar was attacked and set on fire by militant extremists on February 6, 1997. The church has since established the Shanti Nagar St Andrew's Trust, a charitable trust providing financial, material, and moral support to the current residents of the village.

The annual commemoration is organised by Martin Bashforth and Saleem Dutt.

Martin Bashforth led the event. Special guests included the three Bradford MPs Imran Hussain, Naz Shah, and Judith Cummins; Mohammed Rafiq Sehgal, president of the Bradford Council for Mosques and community activist Asif Khan. Naz Shah and Judith Cummins lit candles as prayers were said for the community of Shanti Nagar and also for all people of persecuted minority faiths.

Mr Hussain MP, who delivered a speech as part of the service, said: "Religious minorities, both Christians and Muslims, are still being persecuted for their beliefs. The international…

‘The Light of the World’ at Allerton

Through our links to the Roots syllabus, the children and young people of Allerton celebrate the light of the world, our Lord Jesus, as he calls us all as modern disciples to follow him as our Lord and Saviour.

We are indeed truly blessed here at Allerton, with an average of 15 young people meeting every Sunday Morning.

Helen H, Allerton

Communion at Home

Perhaps you are ill, or less able than you were. It may be that you cannot get to Church, either for a while or permanently. You may feel that you miss communion. John Wesley wanted his Methodist people to receive communion every day if they could.
Within our circuit, we have several teams of wonderful people who can bring communion to you in your home. This opportunity is open to anyone within our circuit who would like to take it.

If you think that you would appreciate this ministry, then please contact John Wilson (my details are below) and we can have a chat.

Our communion takers are ordinary members who wish to share communion with others, whether on a one-to-one basis or as a group in a care home. You can arrange to receive communion at a time and frequency convenient to you.

Perhaps you would care to talk to your pastoral visitor or Pastoral secretaries if you know of anyone who might be interested, please let me know.

We also hold circuit communion services once a month. These…

Christian Unity in Action

On Sunday morning, 22 January, along with a number of other churches at the city end of our Circuit, we closed our own church doors and almost 30 members of our congregation joined many others from across the Girlington, Heaton and Manningham area in a packed Little Lane Church. This was to mark the start of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

The service this year was led by a group of young people from the different churches, many of them from the Unite Youth Group. The theme for the service had been devised by a group of Christians in Germany but our Bradford youngsters added their own very personal interpretation and thoughts, to present what turned out to be a very challenging, thought- provoking and uplifting service. There was a real element of relevance to our theme of unity, when we saw in a very practical way how barriers are created and then how they can be effectively broken down.

Many different denominations were represented but theological differences were not in a…

Thornton Fundraiser for the Lord Mayor

On Saturday 4th March at Thornton, we enjoyed an evening of musical entertainment by ‘The Masters of Nonne’. This is a local band with two of the members being stewards at our church. One of the stewards, Alun, is the Deputy Lord Mayor.

The evening was a great success and we enjoyed a delicious supper organised by Sharon Mason and her team. It was well attended by the community and all proceeds went to The Lord Mayor’s Appeal ‘Young Minds’.

Elaine B, Thornton